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           mgm美高梅游戏网页下属子公司海南农垦宝橡林产集团股份有限公司,是海南唯一集橡胶木产品 研发、加工、销售、贸易、木结构、电子商务等为一体的综合性企业,拥有 FSC—COC 产业监管链认证和一级木结构工程施工资质。公司是海南木材行业第一家“新三板”挂牌 公司,也是国家高新技术企业。

           公司拥有全智能化木材改性车间、刨光加工流水线和后端 精深加工中心,配备国内一流的木材精加工的生产设备,可定制供应家具刨光材、装饰材、 指接拼板、改性材等木制品基材,年加工橡胶木 4 万立方米以上。产品营销网络遍布华南、 华东、西南等国内大型家具制造业集散地。

           目前橡胶木 FSC“零添加”产品成功进入全球 最大家具家居用品企业供应链,深受宜家等境内外家具行业龙头企业及消费者的青睐。





            橡胶木产品销售热线  4001646188、 13322019366

Wood Processing

Hainan State Farms Baoxiang Forest Industrial Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hainan Rubber, is the only comprehensive enterprise in Hainan that integrates R&D, processing, sales, trade, timberwork, and e-commerce of rubber wood products, with the FSC-COC industrial chain of supervision certification and the first-level timber structure engineering construction qualification. The company is the first “New Third Board” listed company in Hainan timber industry, and a national high-tech enterprise as well. It is armed with a fully intelligent wood modification workshop, a planer processing assembly line, a back-end deep processing center, and first-class domestic wood finishing production equipment. It can customize and supply woodwork products such as furniture planer timber, decorative timber, finger-joint splicing board, and modified timber, with a processing capacity of over 40,000 cubic meters of rubber wood annually. The products are widely marketed throughout South China, East China, Southwest China and other large domestic furniture manufacturing distribution centers. At present, its rubber wood FSC “zero-addition” products have successfully penetrated the supply chain of the world’s largest furniture and household products enterprises, receiving favor from IKEA and other industry leading enterprises and consumers at home and abroad.


            contact us:  4001646188、13322019366

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