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      mgm美高梅游戏网页长期致力于天然橡胶全产业链科技创新,种植端创新开发“一 机一树”智能割胶装置,结合智慧胶园建设,在天然橡胶“管、养、割、 收”等环节全面开启数字化、信息化建设;加工端响应“双碳”号召,引 领环保天然橡胶加工工艺技术创新,推进加工自动化、绿色化科技升级; 全面推进天然橡胶期现货系统、财务共享系统等信息化平台建设,提高运 营管控效率;在材料创新方面,自主开发纳米黏土胶、高弹减震胶、无氨 胶乳等特殊性能产品;环氧化天然橡胶工程化技术位于行业前列。



Hainan Rubber has long been committed to scientific and technological innovation in its whole natural rubber industry chain. Its plantation division, for example, has innovatively developed a “one machine, one tree” smart rubber tapping device. Combining with the construction of smart rubber plantation, the division has already commenced natural rubber digitalization and informatization in all respects throughout its link of “managing, nurturing, tapping and harvesting”.  In response to the call of “double carbon” (carbon peaking and carbon neutrality), the processing division now also heads technological innovation in environmental-protection-oriented natural rubber processing technology, and strives for the technological upgrade of processing automation and greenization. Likewise, the sales and trade division is also aiming to comprehensively promote the construction of information platforms, including natural rubber futures and spot system as well as financial sharing system, so as to elevate the efficiency of operational control. In terms of material innovation, Hainan Rubber has self-developed special performance products such as nano-clay rubber, high-elastic shock-absorbing rubber, and ammoniafree latex. On top of that, its epoxidized natural rubber engineering technology are at the forefront of the industry.



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