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        mgm美高梅游戏网页下属子公司江苏爱德福乳胶制品有限公司,地处长江三角洲经济圈腹地,是亚太地区最大的乳胶发泡制品供应商之一,主营业务为天然乳胶卷材、床垫和枕头的生产 与销售以及代工生产等业务,合作伙伴包括慕思、顾家、全友、宜家家居、喜临门、雅兰、 丝涟等国内外知名品牌家具供应商。



      mgm美高梅游戏网页下属子公司海南经纬乳胶丝有限责任公司,是国内最大的乳胶丝生产销售企业。公司拥有 8 条意大利先进乳胶丝生产线,依托海南丰富优质的天然橡胶资源生产乳胶丝, 年乳胶丝产能达2万吨,可生产20号到110号各种规格、颜色的乳胶丝制品,产品生产销售量占国内乳胶丝产品市场份额六分之一,自主品牌“海佑”“HNRT”乳胶丝产品国内外市场占有率逐年递增,产品质量深得用户信赖。         



Deep Processing

Jiangsu Aidefu Latex Products Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Aidefu”), a subsidiary of Hainan Rubber, is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. It is one of the largest suppliers of latex foam products in the Asia-Pacific region, with main business ranging from the production and sales of natural latex rolls, mattresses and pillows, to OEM production. Aidefu’s partners include furniture suppliers with well-known brands at home and abroad, such as DeRUCCI, KUKA, QUANU, IKEA, Xilinmen, AIRLAND, Sealy, and the like. Currently its production capacity of latex mattresses reaches 37 million square meters, and the production capacity of pillows totals 3.3 million. 


Its featured brand “Haoshufu” latex bedding has successfully secured the mass consumer market and has a strong competitive advantage in the industry per se. Headed by Aidefu, the latex foam industry has become a new pillar industry in Jiangsu Province. Hainan Jingwei Latex Thread Co., Ltd, another subsidiary of Hainan Rubber, is the largest latex thread production and sales manufacturer in China, which owns 8 advanced latex thread production lines. Thanks to the rich and high-quality natural rubber resources in Hainan, the company is capable of producing 20,000 tons of latex thread, with the production and sales volume taking up one-sixth of the domestic market share. “Haiyou” and “HNRT” latex thread products, both the company’s self-owned brands, are increasing year by year in the market occupancy at home and abroad, winning wide trust from the users.



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