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      mgm美高梅游戏网页拥有境内外天然橡胶初加工厂 72 家,分布在中国、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、 泰国、科特迪瓦等多个国家和地区,全球年初加工产能约 260 万吨。公司初加工产品包 括全乳胶、浓缩乳胶、10#、20# 标准胶、10# 子午胶、胶清胶、混合胶、烟片胶、印 尼标胶等,且具备大规模生产特种胶、专业胶等高品质产品的能力。

      公司在中国的天然 橡胶初加工厂全部通过 ISO9001 质量管理体系认证,“美联”“宝岛”“五指山”等 品牌深受下游企业青睐,其中“美联”品牌是目前被中国乳胶制品行业广泛认可的第一 品牌。下属子公司合盛农业制定了行业较为领先的 HeveaPro 生产标准并实现对外输出, 以 HeveaPRO 标准生产的天然橡胶产品广受赞誉,共有 31 个工厂取得全球前十大轮 胎厂商认证,已获认证工厂占比 84%。



     金橡公司 18789695293 (全乳胶、浓缩胶乳、子午胶、胶清胶等)

     云南美高梅MGM官网 0691-3066099

Preliminary Processing

Hainan Rubber has 72 natural rubber preliminary processing plants located in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries and regions, with a global processing capacity of about 2.6 million tons. The Group’s preliminary processing products include SCR WF, CNR, SCR10/20, SCR RT10, SCR G, Mixture Rubber, RSS and SIR, etc., and is able to produce special rubber, specialized rubber and other high-quality products on a large scale. 

All its natural rubber preliminary processing plants in China have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification; brands such as “Meilian”, “Baodao” and “Wuzhishan” and the like are favored by downstream enterprises, among which the “Meilian” brand is currently the first brand widely recognized by the Chinese latex industry. The Group’s natural rubber products produced with HeveaPRO, a pioneering industry production standard formulated by the Group’s subsidiary Halcyon, are widely acclaimed. A total of 31 factories have obtained certification of the world’s top ten tire manufacturers, and certified factories amount to as high as 84%.


Contact Us:

HNR Jinxiang:18789695293

HNR Yunnan:  0691-3066099

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