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           mgm美高梅游戏网页于2009年7月成立了种苗分公司,主营业务为天然橡胶种苗培育和销售。 公司拥有良种良苗繁育基地3,650 亩,是中国最大的天然橡胶种苗生产基地。

           通过推广天然橡胶优良品种、引进先进繁育技术及加 强种苗基地设施建设,不断强化苗木质量内 控体系及提高种苗生产能力,年产能约400万株,种苗良种率达100%,有效保障了mgm美高梅游戏网页天然橡胶种植良种良苗供应。



           mgm美高梅游戏网页拥有土地500万亩,境内外天然橡胶种植基地共29个,天然橡胶种植面积400万亩,分布在中国、喀麦隆、 科特迪瓦、马来西亚等4个主产区国家。

           mgm美高梅游戏网页拥有几十年的天然橡胶种植生产经验和成熟稳定的技术管理队伍,拥有一 流的胶园“管理 - 养护 - 采割”技术,制订了《标准化胶园技 术规范》,正打造200万亩核心胶园,年干胶生产能力超过20万吨,为保障下游产业链原料供给提供了基础支撑。


Seeds and Seedlings

Hainan Rubber established a seeds and seedling branch in July 2009, responsible for natural rubber seedling breeding and sales. The branch company owns 243 hectares of a natural rubber seed and seedling breeding base, which is the largest in China.

Through constant efforts of promoting excellent rubber varieties, introducing advanced breeding technology, boosting the construction of seedling base facilities, strengthening the internal control system of seedling quality as well as enhancing seedling production capacity, the company now reaches an annual production capacity of around 4 million seedlings, with good seedling rate topping 100%, a robust guarantee for the supply of good rubber seeds and seedlings for Hainan Rubber.



Hainan Rubber has a total of 29 natural rubber planting bases at home and abroad, largely based in China, Cameroon, Cote d' Ivoire and Malaysia, with total land areas and natural rubber planting areas up to 333,333 and 266,666 hectares respectively. The Group boasts decades of experience and expertise in natural rubber planting and production, a mature and stable technical management team, and a first-class rubber plantation management method featuring “managing, nurturing and tapping”. 

On top of that, Hainan Rubber also formulated its "Standardized Technical Specifications for Rubber Plantations", striving to build as many as 133,333 hectares of core rubber plantations, with an annual dry rubber production capacity exceeding 200,000 tons, all of which provide a rudimentary support for ensuring the supply of raw materials in the downstream industrial chain.



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